Take the challenge out of testing different solutions that MIGHT fit your skin.

Our Skin Philosophy

Suited for all skin types including sensitive skin. Nurive represents natural skincare for all. In our formulation process, we only add the minimal amount of synthetic/man made compounds. We strive to make skincare products that not only physically improves your skin, but also provide a renewed joy of how you identify skincare as a whole. Starting with CoreVital, our line of anti-aging and wrinkle relieving products. Developed to not only maintain a youthful appearance, but also improve your skin with intentionally gentle ingredients.

Challenging the Status Quo

We are a Korean luxury brand, turning the skincare industry upside down! We prioritize you! With purpose driven ingredients, and cutting out a huge portion of our brand fees compared to our competitors. While, continuously researching & developing novel ingredients that can help, and nourish your skin.

Certifications and Our Responsibility to Our Global Community

Our current product line accumulated are certified Cruelty-free, carbon-free, E.G.F, and Vegan. We are dedicated to keeping Eco-friendly standards, and minimizing our carbon footprint. We are also dedicated to humanitarian efforts through Give Chances, an non-profit organization that assists underprivileged youths, get ahead and achieve their current and future dreams. As well as, empowering people with mental disabilities to establish their own place in society by utilizing their own unique skills.  

Why Skincare?

This is not our first rodeo show, our founder James Oh has created Avarelle, a sister company, that focuses on helping people with acne, and improving their skincare routines. Preventing picking, and naturally extracting puss from their acne. But most of all, Loving their skin, and themselves. Our mission does not stop at a certain age. The meaning of inner beauty is continuously evolving through our whole lives. As is the meaning of beauty over time.