Why Nurive for Your Skin?

The sun rises, and with it, a new dawn of natural beauty.

Nurive represents Nature + Revive, helping you take care of your skin so you can shine & bringing the sun's power right to your skin.

Our natural ingredients are specially formulated to help revive and nourish your complexion and bring out its true radiance.

Nurive's Philosophy

Nurive represents natural skincare for all, including sensitive skin.

In our formulation process, we only add the minimal amount of synthetic/man made compounds.

Starting with CoreVital, our line of anti-aging and wrinkle relieving products, we strive to not only get your skin to maintain a youthful appearance, but also to improve your skin with intentionally gentle ingredients.

Challenging the Status Quo

We are a Korean premium skincare brand, dedicated to redefining the industry, with a sole focus on you.

We honor this promise with something very simple, yet very hard to keep:

Continuously researching & developing purpose driven ingredients, & cutting out a huge portion of our brand fees compared to the industry's standard.

Our Responsibility to Community & Environment

We're partnered with Give Chances, an non-profit organization that assists underprivileged youths, to get ahead and achieve their current and future dreams. 

Our current product line are certified Cruelty-free, Carbon-free, and Vegan. We are dedicated to keeping Eco-friendly standards, and minimizing our footprint.