5 Reason Why You Should Use Between The Eyes Wrinkle Patches

5 Reason Why You Should Use Between The Eyes Wrinkle Patches

   You might be tempted to use tape for certain wrinkles. And it might work for you. But, there are several reason why you might want to switch to wrinkle patches. These might include, stickiness, ingredients, and most importantly effectiveness. There are several other reason, such as the shape and material. In this article, we'll discuss the various reasons why these matter for your skin.

Changing The Way We See Wrinkles

   Wrinkles are a natural part of life. Where it can definitely be prevented to some extent. But, before checking what you can do to remove it, you may want to look at other places first. Let me explain, wrinkles are formed from damage from free radicals in the environment. But, this alone isn't the only culprit. Your skincare routine may be the unknowing culprit. Interestingly, certain moisturizers, may be causing this as well. Depending on what ingredients are added to the moisturizer, they may weaken the skin barrier.1 Furthermore, your moisturizer may be taking moisture out rather than keeping it in. "Moisturizers can absolutely make skin worse," says Peter M. Elias, a professor of dermatology at the University of California. All of which can leave an appearance of aging. However, focusing on wrinkles and the cause of skin cancers, focusing on wrinkles and the cause of skin cancers, may actually cause even worse illnesses, due to lack of sufficient Vitamin D. While, it is a bit off topic, wrinkles vs cancer and other diseases, which would you choose?

1. The Stickiness

   The stickiness in wrinkle patches can be a generic adhesive, silicone, or more skin friendly ingredients, such as, dextrin or hydrocolloid. You might have head the term hydrocolloid before, most likely in pimple patches such as ZitOut or in the hospital for wound recovery. While, dextrin provides moisturizing and skin soothing effect. All this means is that not all wrinkle patches are made the same, but once you find one's that your skin will enjoy, it is all you'll need. But, during my research, many didn't state their ingredients. In addition, to what make them stick, which I would stay away from.

   The stickiness is especially important, in between the eyes, where the corrugator supercilii muscle is involved in frown lines. Throughout the day, albeit, concentrating, or in a heated argument, the corrugator supercilii muscle is a very difficult muscle to keep relaxed, or in place.  If it wasn't we wouldn't need these wrinkle patches, would we? All jokes aside, With the constant movement of the corrugator supercilii muscle, it needs a strong tout hold.

2. The Ingredients

   Besides the brand name, especially, in skincare, ingredients encompass a good amount of intrigue and motivations for customer purchases. And this should be the same with wrinkle patches. While, a verdict has been made long ago on whether or not ingredients matter, it's just natural that people will not buy something that will potentially leave them worse off than they began. Here are some stats from Global Cosmetic Industry:

  • 97% love to try new facial skin care products
  • 89% willing to spend more on higher quality facial skin care products
  • 89% always on the lookout for new facial skin care products

   All in which this really means that consumers are not entirely satisfied with their current skincare products. While, the Korean skincare revolves around natural ingredients such as novel ingredients, Nurive focuses on effective and sensitive skin friendly ingredients. For instance, in their Advanced Wrinkle Patches, ingredients such as EGF, adenosine, hydrolyzed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, and retinol are all known to hydrate and relieve wrinkles and fine lines.

3. The Shape

   It's safe to say that, convenience, that includes comfort and multi purpose capabilities plays a factor in deciding to use a wrinkle patch. Bringing in a new dimension to the "simple" shapes. These wonders, have a cornucopia of sizes and shapes. Some go around your entire forehead, as well as, tape like strips, while, there are others that are triangular, think of a guitar pick. While, there are so many shapes available, it is always a good idea to understand the way you want to solve this issue. You may simply have one area of focus, but others may have multiple. The triangular wrinkle patch is great for in between the eyes, while the forehead is best for the forehead, it seems obvious, but sometime, it isn't as obvious as the names may sound. Especially, with other factors in mind.

4. The Material

   The material is also very important. For example, there are paper, hydrogenated styrene-butadiene, and medical grade silicone. So, what's the differences? Well, paper dissolves the quickest, but also, might be more difficult to apply, since you'll have to apply water on them yourselves. If you ever applied a removable tattoo, if too much water or too little water is applied, the end result will vary drastically. Medical grade silicone, may be easy to apply, but the actual material will not have a strong grip such as paper, or hydrogenated styrene-butadiene. Which may not remove lines and wrinkles as quickly. The silicone patches can be reusable, but at the same time, those would only include the silicone without any ingredients on it. Finally, the hydrogenated styrene-butadiene has a little of both world comparing paper and medical grade silicone. This material can stretch and bounce back to it's original shape, as well as, it is usually infused with skin friendly ingredients. In addition, it is fairly easy to apply. Where you'll stretch skin to a smooth surface, and then apply patches. This is pretty much the same for all wrinkle patches, since it restricts movement for smooth skin.

5. The Effectiveness and How to Choose Wrinkle Patches for Forehead and Between Eyes?

   As you read above, there are many different things to consider, and it isn't as easy as choosing a brand. While, brand reputation does matter in some things, novel innovative ingredients and materials, can be more effective than a a brand that is well known. But, you might get a better understand of why wrinkle patches are better than tape.

   Also consider your skin type and specific concerns. Some patches are designed for dry skin, while others might target oily or sensitive skin more effectively. Your personal skin concerns, such as deep wrinkles, fine lines, or hydration, should guide your choice of wrinkle patches. Allergies to materials such as silicone may hinder your choices.

Key Takeaways

   While tape might offer a temporary fix for wrinkles, wrinkle patches provide a more sophisticated, effective, and skin-friendly solution. Their design, ingredients, and material are tailored to address the unique needs of the skin, especially in delicate areas like between the eyes. When selecting wrinkle patches, consider their adhesion, ingredients, shape, material, and how well they align with your personal skin care needs.